Bovi and Kris have the type of love it takes to make it last forever. Today marks the couple’s ninth wedding anniversary, and we must say, love looks good on them.

The comedian wished his wife a happy anniversary today on Instagram, revealing that their love is stronger today than ever before.

11/11! I don’t even know what to say. So let the pictures do the talking. Dear @krisasimonye thank you for the music. This marriage has been just that- music !

Kris returned the love with a sweet note on her Instagram page.


I am Kris Asimonye Ugboma
Every woman has a name before Marriage,
Maiden Name they call it,
A name Everywoman holds dear,
Many hold close,
Some never never let go.
Marriage, the Union that can either solidify who you are as a person OR break who you are meant to be.
Husband of mine, the one who extended his name to me.
Soul of my soul,
Wind beneath my wings,
Flesh of my flesh,
Oh how blessed I am to be married to this goldmine of mine!
Everyday so far in this nuptial union, THIS WOMAN rejoices!
Husband of mine ,So secure in who he is,
Completely Unperturbed by my continued use of Maiden name..
Unmoved by conventional ways,
In fact, Husband of mine encourages my use of maiden name!
The Feminist man!!
My husband Bovi!!
Happy anniversary my king!! My special gift!!

These happy photos of the couple say it all!

Photo Credit: krisasimonye | officialbovi

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