Hey BellaNaijarians, we’ve got another BN Cuisine recipe for you to try this weekend. In this new vlog, Sisi Jemimah is sharing her updated efo riro recipe.


6-7 bunches Spinach
3 Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)
3 Chilli Peppers (Shombo)
2 Scotch Bonnet (Rodo)
1 Cup Palm Oil
2 Onions
Assorted meats of your choice (Shaki, cow foot, beef, goat meat)
Stockfish (Panla)
Smoked Fish
3 tbsp Locust Beans (Iru)
1/2 cup Smoked Prawns (Optional)
1 medium-size mackerel
Seasoning Cubes
4 tbsp Ground Crayfish
Salt to Taste

Watch the video below:

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