The alternative community is a group of free-spirited, down to earth creatives. They are proud of their Naija heritage and are always true to themselves. They value community and togetherness. It’s a space where you’re accepted just as you are. You can identify them by their style, their music, and their Jameson. This community is authentic and inclusive – just like our smooth whiskey.

Since 2017, Jameson has collaborated with the community to create spaces and experiences that connect people through their passions – music, and fashion. Creating awesome moments of togetherness, good vibes, and great memories. They believe that you can be great on our own but always better together.

With the release of the 60th Nigerian Independence pack, Jameson looks forward to Independence Day, a special time to celebrate togetherness. The pack’s design unites every part of the country and highlights icons representing every region, echoing this message of togetherness. 

This is a great introduction to a wonderful celebration of good vibes and an iconic year. Stay tuned and enjoy Jameson responsibly.

Follow Jameson Instagram @jamesonngr and @jamesonngr on twitter and visit their WEBSITE.


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