Nigeria is celebrating her 60 years of independence, today, October 1, 2020.

Sixty and still we battle with tribalism among ourselves. We preach love, but our hearts and actions are far from it, and therefore raise generations who recycle that same mentality and negativity. But through it all, we stand, and it’s time that we stand firm.

Nigerian photographer, Adesuwa Eworo is showing the importance of unity with “WAZOBIA ~ Call to Unity”, aimed at exhibiting the beauty, grace and richness of the Nigerian tones and how much more beautiful we are together as ONE by working with our 3 main ethnic groups Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo.

Unity starts with you, it starts with me, and it starts with the examples we set for our children to see. Our words are not enough; our actions need to speak louder.

There is BEAUTY in UNITY,
There is PEACE in UNITY.


Photography: Adesuwa Eworo of Captured by Adesuwa Photography
Child Models:
Diana Egwuatu representing the Igbo people
June Wissee representing the Yoruba people,
Karissa Omosun representing the Hausa people.
Styling: Wonderchild for Kids, Grace Awhejiri & Luasha Concept
Videography: FilmsbyIje
Others: Uyiosa Eworo, Choice Okwekwu, Tubosun Ojewande, Favour Adams, Itohan Eworo, Toluwabori, Peter,

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