Ideally, dapper and casual do not mix. Dapper is usually used to refer to a gentleman wearing a suit and tie but the 21st century allows for some rules to be broken and it includes this rule. The idea of a dapper casual dress code is a relaxed yet smart look.

Here are four tips for the dapper casual dress code.
1 Swap the formal button up shirt and neck tie for a t-shirt which could be plain preferably or with stripes, polka dots or graphics.
2 Make sure the suit complements the t-shirt rather than draw attention away from it.
3 Trade the leather dress shoes for a pair of statement sneakers. The dapper casual dress code allows for more comfortable footwear but that doesn’t include flip-flops.
4 Throw on some jewellery! This always works all the time. Take a cue from how I have incorporated that into this look.

Two Piece Suit: @Regiumstudios
T-shirt: @Jumianigeria

Photography: @Manneshotit