How is it that the Nigerian police has failed to understand the youth and is now failing the #EndSARS movement as well? How ironic, the audacity of police brutality at a peaceful #EndPoliceBrutality protest… how bad does it need to get?

It’s really ridiculous that for over four years now, young people have pleaded with the same officials responsible for their safety to stop harassing, brutalizing and killing them. But it has all fallen on deaf ears.

“The irony that we’re protesting police brutality and they are still brutally assaulting Nigerian citizens UNLAWFULLY. And embarrassment, the old corrupt Governance will END #EndSARS” a Twitter user wrote. 

Now, the youths have found the will, power and strength to come out in their numbers and protest for their lives, lives that they have a right to, and still, these officials are carrying out these same inhumane acts.

We have heard reports of teargas, pepper spray, water canons and live ammunitions being used on protestants by police officers. It’s appalling!

One Jimoh Ishaq was confirmed dead on Saturday. He was shot by a policeman during one of the #EndSARSNOW protest in Ogbomosho. 

At this point, the protest must yield the expected results. We must see the end of police brutality in Nigeria.

They are outrightly telling us that they feel no remorse for their actions, they are taking more lives and putting more people in danger, What more reason do we need to #EndSARS?

Photo Credit: @Yiaga

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