Sisi Yemmie has served another yummy recipe!

On this episode of her vlog, she’s showing you how she makes her grilled tilapia fish. She wrote,

Oven Grilled Tilapia Fish is one of my favourite recipes because it cooks very fast and soooo deeeelicious! Very presentable for guest . You can serve Oven Grilled tilapia Fish with Rice (Jollof Rice like I did) Plantain, Potatoes, Chips, Beans, Garri or any side of your choice. I hope you try this recipe!

Ingredients for grilled tilapia fish

Tilapia Fish

Fresh Rosemary

Curry Powder


Crayfish Stock Powder

Green Chilli

Red Chilli




Scotch Bonnet

Vegetable Oil

Dried Thyme


Place Fish in pre-heated oven (high heat) 15 Minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit (cooking time depends on the size of the fish)

Learn the process below:

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