Following the protests of October that have caused significant displacement in the life and livelihood of Nigerians in cities across the country, an insurance company, Tangerine Life, has announced plans to provide a relief fund targeted at helping offset the material cost of the protests for Nigerian citizens most affected.

The company announced this campaign by endowing a specially-set up fund called the Project Life fund with a N2 million donation.

Teaming up with musician and political activist, M.I. Abaga, Tangerine Life hopes to involve as many Nigerians as possible in the quest to uplift as many Nigerian affected by the protests as possible. “I have called on my friends at Tangerine Life,” the celebrated rapper said in an address. “Together we are going to support the victims of this tragedy, starting with a fund of 2 million naira. We cannot do this alone, so we need your support. We cannot take away the pain of loss, all we can do now is rebuild as one.”

According to the Project Life plan as detailed by Tangerine Life, the company will match 50% of the value of any insurance plan people take out and put it into the Project Life fund. The funds will then be dispersed to needing parties across the 36 states

In an emotional address posted on his social media accounts on Thursday, M.I Abaga reminded Nigerians that Project Life presented an opportunity for ordinary people to invest in insurance for themselves and their families while being involved in a noble cause with plans as low as N950.

We cannot do it alone,” he somberly noted early at a point in his message. “So we need your support. I would really love for you to be a part of the Tangerine Life initiative.”


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