Popularly referred to as ‘Special Advisor to All Creatives‘, Derin ‘Dr. Caise’ Phillips is leaving no stone unturned to bring a memorable experience at the launch of his 2-day Live Course – ‘Personal Finance for Creatives’ slated for 6th -13th, 2020.

The multi-disciplinary creative who has recently rebranded himself with the release of a spanking new website, a recently launched podcast, an investment company, and coaching programs with special advisory sessions to help creatives improve their finances and productivity while providing accountability, financial management, and investment support for their creative careers and business.

In a quick statement, he enthused…

“I’m passionate about showing creatives how to pursue their artistry and have the financial freedom to live their best life. I bring my creative industry expertise and my educational background in Finance to provide a unique perspective on music, the creative economy, financial empowerment, and real estate investment. My mission is to help creatives make the work they do more sustainable. I understand what it means to be broke mentally and financially. I’m doing this because I wish someone had taught me all these principles a lot sooner. I know for certain, this course will change lives”

He explains further In the debut release of his newly launched weekly podcast – “Case Files w/ Dr. Caise“. Where he shared money insights and myths… He talked about this new wave of empowerment.

“I am going to be giving you some insight into this new phase of empowerment. I have been doing lots of research and I found out that a lot of people from construction to lawyers, doctors… etc. They pay a lot of attention to giving back to their people, they do a lot of training and empowerment that goes on in these industries. But for some reason, the creatives don’t do that and that’s what I am about. Empowering people and giving back to the industry that made me.”

The 2-day Immersive live class focuses on educating and empowering creatives on finance-related topics and practical steps to achieve financial sustainability.

Course Modules include

Day 1: Personal finance Masterclass

  •  Managing Finances
  •  Money Myths
  • Levels of Financial Status
  • Principles of Money

Day 2: Investment Masterclass

  • Generating multiple streams of income
  • How to invest your wealth: cryptocurrency, forex, real estate, stocks, agric-tech.
  • Risk management and protection.


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In a comment by Nigerian Actress, Multiple Award Winning Media Personality & CEO of The BRAG Media Company, Alex Okoroji, she says

Dr. Caise is the real deal. He is an example of what a multi-disciplinary creative is. One who balances his talent and love for Art, but also believes in using his fame, influence, knowledge, and expertise to create a bigger impact in the lives of others. Many creatives were never taught financial management. Nobody groomed us on how to manage our resources, improve our income with investments, and make our money work for us. Some of us had to make multiple mistakes and learn the hard way. I think there is a place for the work, Dr. Caise does. He isn’t just another financial expert with a degree and masters in Finance…but one who blends his educational background and understands the genuine trouble spot and money challenges of every practicing creative.”

You can find out more by visiting his website.
To attend the course – Register at www.DrCaise.com

About Dr. Caise

Dr. Caise, the creative formerly known as DJ Caise is an astute business leader and multiple award-winning creatives who has gained a reputation for his unique approach to helping people achieve their goals and transform their lives, through his professional experience in developing and implementing business growth strategies, engineering process optimization and operational effectiveness and championing healthy financial decision making.

He is the Founder and CEO of Wavis Investment and CM Entertainment.

He is a member of APON (Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) in Nigeria and a Director in Pinetree group of companies.

He is also a certified life coach and an accredited member of the Life Coaching Association of Nigeria (LCAN).

Dr. Caise is the President of the United Africa Dj’s Association and founder of the ACE Creative Academy. An established DJ and pioneer of the “Gidi House” music genre.

Caise gained international recognition and accolades, paving the way for a generation of enlightened entertainers to grow as DJ’s in an underrated and under-represented Entertainment Industry sector.

The award-winning entertainer who broke into the Nigerian entertainment scene as a DJ, Producer, songwriter, and remixer fuses local and international sounds, cutting and blending to create an eclectic mix and mash that he calls Gidi House Music, pulling on everything from funky house to afrobeat, basement to R&B, old school Naija Jams, piling up the pressure on the dance-floors of the Nigerian capital and beyond, serenading audiences across Africa and on to the UK and US.

He is known for a series of hit tracks featured on his album Gidi House Mafia, and his Sounds of Ghana and Sounds of South Africa mixes. He’s appeared at the MTV Africa Music Awards, represented Nigeria as an in-house DJ on Big Brother Africa.

He has performed at UK’s and Nigeria’s most prestigious nightclubs and entertained a variety of audiences from around the world. His unique and inventive style has enabled him to perform alongside some of the music industry’s leading artists.

To contact Dr. Caise, please email Caise@DrCaise.com

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