Hey gentlemen- and ladies too- get in here! Here’s a question in photos for you. Are you a keeper or a devourer? Can you wait or you must chop ozigbo ozigbo (now now)? Are you casting your seed around or you’re keeping it locked down?

After much chopping, are you ready to take it easy or you’re still in search of the next prey?

The one you consider as your chosen one- are you willing to wait for him/her or you must taste?

There’s also the irony of many who “keep” their chosen one but yet are willing to chop around town. They’d be devastated to hear another came close. They clearly can’t take what they are dishing out.

Do you see the value in both of you waiting till that beautiful night on the moon or you’d rather…?

Where do you stand?

The duo of Kelikume Fashion and Styling (@kelikumefashionandstyling) and SisiVisage Media (@sisivisage) are a powerhouse when they come together creatively.

This year, they decided to delve into the love issue. After all, it keeps causing so much excitement in February.

It would appear that in 2021, the excitement has grown in degrees judging by posts and comments on social media. Some scary and others heartwarming… “how to steal a boyfriend”, “how to break up with her on Val’s day,” “Do your thing and dump her after Val’s day,” “God when?” Oh, and we mustn’t forget the merchants too.

One look at Kelikume herself and there would be no second-guessing how chic and stylish she is. It is that passion for fashion that has driven Kelikume Oziomaaka to venture into design, tailoring, and styling, thereby answering the unique clothing needs of her customers- spreading love and positivity through fashion.

Oluwaseyi Itegbe, popularly known as Sisi is the creative director of SisiVisage Media. With her storytelling, wearable art concepts, and flair for fashion and beauty, she creates compelling imagery that is not your everyday photo.

Born into a family with a photo-loving father who took tons and tons of photos of friends and family, it’s no wonder she has a love for the art form.

For Oluwaseyi, the desire for something fresh and new motivates her to keep creating.

What’s even more commendable about these two ladies is that they both have a 9-5 career, yet they are still holding it down in the fashion and photography world.

These photos would not have been a success without the face beats and hairstyling by Meekness Presley (@Ravishinmakeup) and Temitope Hair. It was an all-female team.

A digital round of applause for these queens!

Feminine energy!

Meet the team:

Photographer: Oluwaseyi Itegbe @sisivisage
Outfit: Kelikume Oziomaaka @kelikumefasionandstyling
Stylist: Gbemi Fowosola of @kelikumefashionandstyling
Makeup: Meekness Presley @ravisinmakeup
Female model: Asuzanna Peters @thatdoctormodel
Male model: Adedayo Adeola @amazing_dayo of @bethmodelafrica

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