Nollywood actor Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde recently shared some really stunning photos and they had everyone talking. Looking as dazzling as ever, the photos seem to not be the only thing caught people’s attention as the superstar also revealed that her name ‘Omotola’ has officially been trademarked.

The news, coming from a fulfilled place, met mixed reactions from fans. While some people thought it was a boss move, it left so many with similar questions: what happens to those who already bear the name? Does this mean that Omotolas cannot use the name for their brands anymore??

Well, the name Omotola has been in the books for ages and is not about to be taken away. The actor made it clear in her response that “you can enjoy your special name with pride.”

However, what this trademark means is that no other person can have a business in the entertainment industry with the name Omotola. It also means that she can now be called Omotola without Jalade-Ekeinde being added to the name. To show her unapologetic stance on her decision, Omotola ended the response by saying, “so sorry but you could have beat me to it. 😄💋

So, as long as you’re not looking to start a business in the entertainment industry, feel free to use the name Omotola “with your full chest”.

Photo Credit: @realomosexy


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